Katie McKinnon



Production Design

Toothless Fairy Storyboard Rough

Toothless Fairy Storyboard 1Toothless Fairy Storyboard 2Toothless Fairy Storyboard 3Toothless Fairy Storyboard 4Toothless Fairy Storyboard 5Toothless Fairy Storyboard 6Toothless Fairy Storyboard 7Toothless Fairy Storyboard 8


Toothless Fairy


Maurice HouseChickenville done.png

Mooch house experiments.pngMooch's house final.png

Mooch dishesMooch kitchen 1Mooch Kitchen 2Chicken Turn Around 3Fox Turn Around 3

Final character designs and background concepts

fox-turn-around-2chicken-turn-around-2mood-board-1mood-board-2chickenville-signchickenvillechickenville-houseschickenville-final-designmaurice-housemaurice-finalkitchenkitchen-finalMooch design.pngmoochs-house

Chicken and Fox Turn Around Sheets


Chicken Designs

I worked out my chicken design the same way, using simple shapes. I experimented with how I could characterise a chicken and keep the traits so it’s recognisable as a chicken still. I looked at Donald Duck to see how he’s shaped to stand up straight. I liked the way he’s slightly humanised and took this into my own work.


Fox Designs

I first started out with simple shapes, trying to break down the character. I then used fruit to experiment with the shapes I could play with, for my fox character. It was inspired by fox images and Tom from Tom and Jerry.


Three variations of lighting


Action Line (3 Minutes per pose)

I found these difficult at first but as I kept going, it got easier to understand. I found myself finishing the pose faster during the end of the second video. I used New Masters Academy’s playlist and selected two videos to use as reference.




Second Shaded Ball

I shaded this ball using the same technique for the last one. It was more tricky as it had specifically shaped shadows and highlights.ball-2

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