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Icarus Final Post

Our project was to decide what happened to Icarus when he fell from the sky. I came up with an idea for Icarus to wash up on the beach where a man has been stranded. Icarus is dying and so gives the man his wings so that he can escape. I started the character design with images of Icarus and ancient hair styles, so that I could stylise him in a way that matched his character. I then tested out clothing and hair choices , along with face shapes, eyes and colours.


I ended up the this final design for Icarus. I used lots of white and gold to show wealth and godliness.

Icarus Final Design SketchIcarus Final Design

For the stranded man, I used castaway references to design the character to look like he’s been on the island for a long time. I did the same as I did with Icarus, experimenting with clothing and hair styles. I ended up with a cloth over his head to protect from the sun, bleach blonde hair from no shade and trousers that look tatty and old.


Stranded Man Final Design SketchStranded Man Final Design

I changed the colours of the initial design to make his character look better. I gave him dark skin to suggest he’s been tanned.

I did a rough storyboard first, blocking out the main movements that I would use in my animation.

I neatened up the final storyboard, adding a few frames to give myself more information for how my character moves.

I struggled to model the face and had trouble getting the characters ready. I ended up copying most of Icarus over for my stranded man character.

Icarus 1Icarus 2Man 1Man 2

I textured and rigged the characters. I had a lot of issues with rigging and weight painting. I also had a bit of trouble with blend shapes but I managed to sort it out. The animation process was quite fast. I had to unpin the feet on my models and 50/50 all of the joints that I wanted to key. I rendered them as Tagas and put them together in Premier Pro. I had issues with the lighting being too dark and it wouldn’t render, so I changed the type of lights used.





2D Finished Environment Piece

I finally finished my 2D work. I added sounds for the footsteps and completed the extra frames and details. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Summative Assessment

Sound Score:

  • Kettle
  • Wind
  • Water Running
  • Street Cleaner
  • Bacon Sizzling


Concept Designs + Environment Designs:

Arctic designs

Mix between Volcanic and Arctic



First Animatic:

Completed Line work:

Partially Coloured:


Additional frames and work so far (90% Complete):

3D Animatic with sound


2D Nearly There

I just need to add more frames and add sound for the footsteps. I also need to add the faces to the sprites.

Icarus Progress

I struggled initially, but I’ve managed to get a lot done. I added his eye, modelled his shoulder and hair. I did the hair using spheres and stretching them, using soft select to model it like hair. I just need to work on the hands and the clothes, then I can duplicate him over.Iarus.png

Toothless Fairy Storyboard Rough

Toothless Fairy Storyboard 1Toothless Fairy Storyboard 2Toothless Fairy Storyboard 3Toothless Fairy Storyboard 4Toothless Fairy Storyboard 5Toothless Fairy Storyboard 6Toothless Fairy Storyboard 7Toothless Fairy Storyboard 8


I first created the camera tracker node after i inputted the sequence into nuke. I then clicked the track button to get the points in the scene. I then pressed solve and had errors. I deleted the unsolved and rejected tracks and solved it again, deleting the rejected and unsolved. I clicked the trackers in a triangle, right clicked, ground plane and set to selected. I then selected the central one, right clicked, ground plane, set to origin. I selected the two either side and right clicked, scene and scale distance. I clicked scene and set the distance to 10. I created a camera and a point cloud. I tabbed and created the scene node and the scanline renderer node. I set it to camera and locked it. I selected wipe to get the background in and put it over. I disabled the camera tracker using d. I created a card in geometry and moved it to the floor, scaling and rotating. I selected display wire frame and turned the wire frame for the scene off. I wrote it out with write geo in the file format fbx. I exported everything and took it into Maya. I imported it into Maya and selected the plane, mesh display and unlock normals. I went to panels and selected the camera. I went to enviroment, image plane. I picked the image of the first sequence and ticked image sequence. It wouldn’t work, so i went to windows, settings, preferences, display and set it to direct x 11. I went to camerashape and ticked display frustrum. I changed the farclip plane to 150.000.343453657675

Icarus Update

I was struggling with the face, so I scrapped what I had, spoke to my tutor (Tim) and started to plan out the face using the curve tool in the side view and extruding using the surfaces- extrude option and used the box option. (Distance, Quads, Polygons)Face 1.png

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