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3D Animation

3D Animatic with sound



Icarus Progress

I struggled initially, but I’ve managed to get a lot done. I added his eye, modelled his shoulder and hair. I did the hair using spheres and stretching them, using soft select to model it like hair. I just need to work on the hands and the clothes, then I can duplicate him over.Iarus.png

Icarus Update

I was struggling with the face, so I scrapped what I had, spoke to my tutor (Tim) and started to plan out the face using the curve tool in the side view and extruding using the surfaces- extrude option and used the box option. (Distance, Quads, Polygons)Face 1.png

WIP 3D Icarus

I started to model his face and set up the basics

wip 1wip 2wip 3

Storyboard and Soundscape


Rigging a Face


I created a rig for the eyes and jaw.

Character T Shapes and finalised story boar

I looked at some royalty free music and have planned out the music in the background, that will be hear under the sound effects of the sea. I plan to mix may sounds together.


Stranded Man t shape.pngicarus-t-shape

Rough Storyboard

This is my rough storyboard. I want to get feedback first before I neaten it and add colour with notes.icarus-1icarus-2icarus-3icarus-4icarus-5icarus-6icarus-7icarus-8icarus-9icarus-10icarus-11icarus-12icarus-13icarus-14icarus-15icarus-16icarus-17icarus-18icarus-19icarus-20icarus-21icarus-23icarus-24icarus-25

Stranded Man designs and final

835411302-341207article-2289607-187bcf38000005dc-240_634x375cast_away_rebirthdownloadI did the same with my other character, I created a mannequin to explore clothing options and hair. I liked some of the unique ones that I saw during my research. I came up with a final idea for my character, using a different head shape and eyes for them. I want to distinguish the two characters.stranded-man-design-1stranded-man-design-2stranded-man-design-3stranded-man-hair-1stranded-man-hair-2stranded-man-hair-3stranded-man-design-combostranded-man-face-2stranded-man-face-1stranded-man-final-design-sketchstranded-man-final-design

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