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2D Animation

2D Finished Environment Piece

I finally finished my 2D work. I added sounds for the footsteps and completed the extra frames and details. I’m happy with how it turned out.


Summative Assessment

Sound Score:

  • Kettle
  • Wind
  • Water Running
  • Street Cleaner
  • Bacon Sizzling


Concept Designs + Environment Designs:

Arctic designs

Mix between Volcanic and Arctic



First Animatic:

Completed Line work:

Partially Coloured:


Additional frames and work so far (90% Complete):

2D Nearly There

I just need to add more frames and add sound for the footsteps. I also need to add the faces to the sprites.

2D half completed visuals


2D Progress

I started to add colour to my environments and shading. I’m experimenting with a no line work style and seeing if it works.en-2en

Rough Animation of Environment

I’ve roughed out the timing and actions. It’ll take a lot more work to get perfect. I have my visuals that I’m working from to create the environment.

Rough Visual Score

I did a rough visual score of what I want in my environment. I’m doing an arctic environment.visual-score

Final Animation

I managed to finally finish my animation, with the sound added. I took time to create the soundtrack using Adobe audition and some royalty free sounds from ZapSplat.

(Glass shattering-



During the process, I took into account the animation principles for my final. I used exaggeration a lot so that I could better convey my story. Using the principles enabled me to create a concise and clear story whilst keeping the animation smooth.

Final Animation with No Sound

After having the final review, I only had to slow it down to enable the audience to see what’s going. I slowed it down to not only allow you to see the story properly, but to also better accompany the sounds that will be placed in

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