Our project was to decide what happened to Icarus when he fell from the sky. I came up with an idea for Icarus to wash up on the beach where a man has been stranded. Icarus is dying and so gives the man his wings so that he can escape. I started the character design with images of Icarus and ancient hair styles, so that I could stylise him in a way that matched his character. I then tested out clothing and hair choices , along with face shapes, eyes and colours.


I ended up the this final design for Icarus. I used lots of white and gold to show wealth and godliness.

Icarus Final Design SketchIcarus Final Design

For the stranded man, I used castaway references to design the character to look like he’s been on the island for a long time. I did the same as I did with Icarus, experimenting with clothing and hair styles. I ended up with a cloth over his head to protect from the sun, bleach blonde hair from no shade and trousers that look tatty and old.


Stranded Man Final Design SketchStranded Man Final Design

I changed the colours of the initial design to make his character look better. I gave him dark skin to suggest he’s been tanned.

I did a rough storyboard first, blocking out the main movements that I would use in my animation.

I neatened up the final storyboard, adding a few frames to give myself more information for how my character moves.

I struggled to model the face and had trouble getting the characters ready. I ended up copying most of Icarus over for my stranded man character.

Icarus 1Icarus 2Man 1Man 2

I textured and rigged the characters. I had a lot of issues with rigging and weight painting. I also had a bit of trouble with blend shapes but I managed to sort it out. The animation process was quite fast. I had to unpin the feet on my models and 50/50 all of the joints that I wanted to key. I rendered them as Tagas and put them together in Premier Pro. I had issues with the lighting being too dark and it wouldn’t render, so I changed the type of lights used.