I first created the camera tracker node after i inputted the sequence into nuke. I then clicked the track button to get the points in the scene. I then pressed solve and had errors. I deleted the unsolved and rejected tracks and solved it again, deleting the rejected and unsolved. I clicked the trackers in a triangle, right clicked, ground plane and set to selected. I then selected the central one, right clicked, ground plane, set to origin. I selected the two either side and right clicked, scene and scale distance. I clicked scene and set the distance to 10. I created a camera and a point cloud. I tabbed and created the scene node and the scanline renderer node. I set it to camera and locked it. I selected wipe to get the background in and put it over. I disabled the camera tracker using d. I created a card in geometry and moved it to the floor, scaling and rotating. I selected display wire frame and turned the wire frame for the scene off. I wrote it out with write geo in the file format fbx. I exported everything and took it into Maya. I imported it into Maya and selected the plane, mesh display and unlock normals. I went to panels and selected the camera. I went to enviroment, image plane. I picked the image of the first sequence and ticked image sequence. It wouldn’t work, so i went to windows, settings, preferences, display and set it to direct x 11. I went to camerashape and ticked display frustrum. I changed the farclip plane to 150.000.343453657675