saucerFirst, I had to gather the needed resources for the animation. I created an alpha channel for my saucer. I then took it into Nuke and put in my images and a checker board. I added saturation to the background to change it to black and white. I also added a grade node to make the background look better. I used the merge node to merge the checker board and the background. I fit the background to the checker board and used the shuffle node to create an alpha channel for the background. I used premult to allow the alpha channel and the transform node to move the background to where I wanted it. I key framed the background and moved to frame 100 and held shift to move the background to the other side. I then added in the ship using the merge tool. I used the premult node to put the saucer into the image. I then used the transform node to move the saucer the to the end in the same way I did the background. I moved the saucer up and down each 10 frames and rotated it, to make it look like a saucer. I then added a shadow using the radial node and made it black. I added it under the ship and copied the link from the ship. I edited the expression for the shadow and pasted in the x code. I merged everything together and added a camera shake and grain. I rendered it as AppleProRes 422 LT. saucer2saucer3