Executing tracking in Nuke was simpler than I thought. I used the tracker node to track the corners of the laptop screen, so that I could replace the image. I picked the wii background to add to the laptop. I used add_tracks to get the tool ready. I clicked in the corner I wanted and moved the corner every 20 frames, so it stayed where it was supposed to. I used the key_track_all node to connect the key frames. For the corner that has the hand, I key framed up to the hand covering,  the used the key_track_current when I was in between frames. Then, I left a gap where the hand was and key framed where the hand wasn’t around. I then selected the tracks and exported using CornerPin2D (current frame). I then used merge to connect the laptop and the image. I went into the Cornerpin node and selected From. I then just clicked set to input and the image matched the screen.ghdlksjghf.pngdfrg.png