For my first idea, Icarus falls to his death in the sea, but as he hits the water, he falls into an ocean space full of life and light. Like he’s seeing his life flash before his eyes in an abstract ocean portal. My big inspiration for this is the game Abzu. I want to capture the beauty of life as he breathes his last breath.maxresdefault

For my second idea, Icarus washes up on an island dead. He’s found by someone who’s been trapped on the island for a long time. Icarus’ spirit lifts from his body and bestows the gift of flight to the man on the island, so that he can escape. Icarus asks that he must first give him a decent burial before leaving the island. The man finds a letter on Icarus from his father and decides it’s his life journey to find his father and tell him of his death, for payment of the gift given.