I first started by drawing up character designs for Einstein, then  mapped out a story board of the basic key frames I’d be using. I used many references from the Olympics to correctly pose Einstein. Einstein was to participate in the high jump, calculating his actions to successfully jump over.


Completed-Timing.gifUsing the given feedback from the formative review, I story boarded a new additional scene for my animation, in order to create a better characterisation of Einstein.20170109_194909-1I decided that Einstein needed to think about it more using equations, something he knows best. Although, he was never good at sports, so I made him over calculate the jump, so that he overshot the jump. It added some humor and character into the piece that it was lacking.



completed-animation-no-soundI have finished the animation and now need to just add the sound. I thought about having a chattering crowd in the beginning, then fading it out when Einstein is thinking, like he’s in his own world. Then you’ll hear the noise of his feet hitting the floor as he runs. I then would fade the crowd to indicate his thought process again, as he then makes the plunge to jump. The crash and silence would come after, to add suspense that he’s crashed. Then as he sits up, the crowd cheers at his success.

I plan to use a mix of royalty free and foley sounds to make up this track.