I’ve done a small part of the still life project by creating a few objects that are part of it.

lemon-texturedlemonI’ve managed to create a lemon and texture it to look more like a lemon, rather than a flat surface.weird-flat-criclewine-bottleI haven’t done any work on the building project but I know which one I plan to render in Maya. For the character design, I’m using the Frankenstein passage to create a character that best fits the book. I’ve done some reference sketches and plans for basic structures and parts of the character, focusing on posture, eyes and little details stated in the passage.character-design-1character-design-2character-design-3 I plan to sketch more for the character design, and build them up as I go along. I’ll model the fruit individually and then place them all into the same setting, so I can then focus on lighting and the black cloth set up. I’ll create a basic shape structure for the building and model the shapes, adding texturing and lighting details at a later stage. I’ll plan the three angles for both 3D projects ahead of time so that I know what I need to model.