The two characters in this scene are Cher (Right) and Dion (Left). The use of costume, with the matching patterns and similarities in outfits helps to convey how close they are as best friends. The red and black in Dion’s outfit suggests her promiscuity as she has a college boyfriend, whereas the contrast in Cher’s outfit suggests innocence and dignity. The small gap in Cher’s outfit where her stomach is leads us to believe she’s quite proud of her appearance as she’s body confident enough to show off her stomach. The choice in outfit shows their passion for fashion as everything is carefully thought out and it’s not a regular boring style like the rest of the background characters. Dion is wearing makeup, which further suggests her involvement with the opposite sex. Their positioning  in the frame draws our attention to them, along with the natural lighting that highlights them subtly around the edges. Dion’s hairstyle draws us into her ethnic background, giving us more information as viewers. This shot is set in the college they attend in America, as they are walking into the campus ground. In the background behind the main characters, we are able to see a range of other students, all wearing stereotypical clothing we’d see students wear. It creates these student stereotypes to further push the idea that we are looking at a campus. A basketball can be see in the back, suggesting that sports is an influence in this college. The trees and  path in the scene help to frame the characters, so that we know that they are who we should be looking at. Our attention is drawn to them as they have a conversation. The background has very muted colours,  which draws our attention to the bright colours of the characters.

Clueless (1995) [Film] Director. AMY HECKERLING

SCHMERTZ, J. (2016) Textual Intervention and Film Literacy (105.5)