Community is an American TV show about a college. This programme uses a range of different framing devices and colour to emphasise movement, emotions and plot devices. During the first few minutes, it uses an establishing shot to set the scene of where it is taking place. Following from this, it immediately introduced us to the main characters using several close up shots, showing their shocked expressions at the same time, as they were subtly being insulted. The classic framing devices are used in order to convey expressions, which were close ups, as this enables you to see their faces clearly and see the emotions on their faces. These shots are also used to draw your attention to what the characters were looking at specifically, like Jeff, as he is looking at Britta at the lunch table. It drew our attention to her, when the camera changed to a close up, just after the close up shot of Jeff showed him looking at something we could not see on screen. Uniquely, panning is used to display character movement, almost like we are following them along in the scene as a character. It allowed also for a smooth transition into different rooms and scenes. The use of colours was vastly mixed and didn’t have a specific pallet. This is to emphasise how strange and hectic the college really is, as there is no order. All of the characters are dressed in very opposing colours, separating them from each other deliberately, so they would clash. The colours gave us an insight on their personalities, for example, Shirley is wearing yellow and orange, signifying her character is very bright and sunny. Whereas, Annie is wearing green, suggesting she has jealousy and self doubt in herself. There are many medium shots in the show, which helped express what the characters thought of each other through body language and facial expressions. During a grouped medium shot, you can see Jeff making a face at Abed, as he’s particularly unhappy at his presence. One key establishing shot is used to set the plot of the entire show, the board room. The room is set as this shot to show all of the key characters in their seats at the board room, where they would be sitting in every single episode of the show at least once. Along with the speech that used close ups and fast editing; it connected the characters and the audience, creating the beginning of what this show is about. The relationship of these characters and how they can make a difference to the audience. Each episode likes to have a message to the audience on how they can improve their lives. The message in this one is honesty.