Hold alt + Left mouse button = Spins the workspace

Hold alt + press mouse scroller = Allows you to move along the workspace

Hold alt + Right mouse button= Allows you to bevel in and out (zoom)

Mesh Tools- Append to Polygon = Fills in the faces

Bevel = Rounds edges

Crtl G = Redo

Ctrl D = Duplicate

Crlt E = Extrude

Mesh- Booleens- Union = Makes selected objects become one

If sides are black, the face normals are the wrong way= Mesh – reverse = flips the objects to display correctly

Hold J = Snaps to the grid by 15 each time

Hold D = Move the pivot point /  Press Insert= does the same thing without having to hold down the button

Crtl + Right click = Brings up objects menu- Edge ring utilities + edge ring split = Creates a new split in the selected edge

Mesh tools- Insert edge loop= Does the same thing as Ctrl Right click but allows you to drag and place the split

Freeze Transformations= Resets the position of the object

3= Shows render (Soften)

1= Reverts back to the original unrendered shape

Bridging tool= Connects objects via edges

Hold V= Snaps vertex together

Change split type to multi= enables you to add more splits

Deform- non linear- bend= Enables you to bend the shape (Press T to see the bend attributes)

Deform- Lattice= Places a box around the shape to bend the shape more

File- Delete by- History= Creates permanent changes and stops Maya getting confused

Ctrl + G= Group Objects

Space Bar= Switches windows